Memphis Wrestling History CEO and Author Mark James

The 2023 Dyersburg Comic and Pop Culture Con welcomes Memphis Wrestling History CEO and Author Mark James to the Con, which is taking place on December 2, 2023, at the Lannom Center, located at 2000 Commerce Ave. in Dyersburg TN. from 9am-4pm.
Mark James: Memphis Wrestling History/Author
Mark James started in 2003 with a decisive goal of making sure the history and story of Memphis Wrestling was not forgotten. Originally just a website, by 2006 Mark had quickly moved on to releasing books documenting Memphis Wrestling. By 2009, Mark had moved to helping former Memphis Wrestlers release their own autobiographies. In 2012 Mark had moved out beyond the limits of Memphis Wrestling and started doing books on other wrestling territories, including the Mid-Atlantic (Jim Crockett Promotions), Houston, Atlanta, the Mid-West (AWA), Detroit, Florida and Louisville. Mark James’s 46 books, along with t-shirts, coffee mugs, posters, etc can be found at or at