Artist/Inker/Cartoonist – Robert R. Smith

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The 2023 Dyersburg Comic and Pop Culture Con welcomes DC Artist/Inker/Cartoonist Robert R. Smith to the Con. The Dyersburg Comic and Pop Culture Con set for December 2nd, 2023 in Dyersburg TN. at the Lannom Center from 9am-4pm.

Robert R Smith (AKA the Iguana) is most commonly known for his animation work in New York City in the mid 1990’s to 2000’s. His first notable work was on the animated openings for the Rosie O’Donnell show, followed by work at most of the major animation production companies in New York City. The list of shows and shorts he has worked on includes. A Little Curious – for HBO Family. Sheep in the BIG City – for Cartoon Network. Suzie Kaboozie – Sesame Street. The Offbeats Valentine’s Special – Nickelodeon. Several animated Barbie DVD movies – for Mattel. The Venture Bros. Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay – for Adult Swim. All 3 seasons of KND Codename : Kids Next Door – for Cartoon Network. The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy/The Kids Next Door Crossover, also all the KND TV & DVD Specials. His endeavors in independent & mainstream comics include stories and pinups in a number of anthologies including. Exit 13 – by Repressed Press Monkey Suit Vol. 2: The Bride of Monkey Suit Rex Steel : Nazi Smasher Mr. Smith has also worked for DC Comics on their Cartoon Network line of comics. He was the inker on all stories featuring KND Codename: Kids Next Door , appearing in over 35 issues of Cartoon network Block Party, and Cartoon Network Action Pack Comics . Plus several Kids Next Door collected TPBs . He is currently writing a Southern Gothic play.

Actor – Santiago Cirilo

The 2023 Dyersburg Comic and Pop Culture Con, welcomes Professional Actor Santiago Cirilo back to the Con. Set for December 2nd, located at The Lannom Center at 2000 Commerce Ave, Dyersburg TN. from 9am-4pm

Santiago Cirilo is the sixth of seven children to Hector and Maria Cirilo both originally from Puerto Rico. Santiago lived in both Ohio and Puerto Rico at a young age. Growing up in Lorain, Ohio was a big challenge for Santiago. Being bilingual and adapting to America culture was just the easy task, growing up with five brothers, and a sister, in a two bedroom duplex was the hard task. During his teenage years to adulthood, Santiago always had the passion for the entertainment business, but never had that push to precede it. Santiago was involved in numerous high school Dramatic Arts Programs hosted and coordinated events. You just couldn’t get him off stage or away from any type of camera. After college Santiago enlisted in the United States Army Infantry. For six years Santiago lead missions all over the United States and Over Seas. Santiago’s dedication to America has earned him numerous achievement awards and metals to add leading missions for USA Special Ops, Marine Recon, and Navy Seals. Once Santiago’s military term was up, he was hired at Gibson Guitars in Nashville, Tennessee. In less than a year Santiago moved up in ranks from a level 1 sander to being personally responsible and only builder for Chet Akins guitars and guitars for “A” List artists to include Kid Rock, Lenny Kravitz, Keith Urban and Toby Keith. During his time at Gibson, Santiago followed his heart and faith, and started going back to school for a Paralegal & Performing Arts Degree. Working 8 plus hours and going to school at night and weekends, gave Santiago the dedication and Drive to be successful in both professions.

Acting Credits include

Santiago has appeared in the following:

Walking dead

Under Lock and Key

Dead Start

America’s Most Wanted: America Fights Back

Memphis Beat

Wild Card


Devil’s Hollow

Tales from parts unknown


Beast of The Water

JL Ranch

Your worst Nightmare


Sins and Secrets

Ashes to Ashes


and many others

Make sure you go by Santiago’s table and check out all the cool stuff he has, get and autograph picture.

Memphis Wrestling History CEO and Author Mark James

The 2023 Dyersburg Comic and Pop Culture Con welcomes Memphis Wrestling History CEO and Author Mark James to the Con, which is taking place on December 2, 2023, at the Lannom Center, located at 2000 Commerce Ave. in Dyersburg TN. from 9am-4pm.
Mark James: Memphis Wrestling History/Author
Mark James started in 2003 with a decisive goal of making sure the history and story of Memphis Wrestling was not forgotten. Originally just a website, by 2006 Mark had quickly moved on to releasing books documenting Memphis Wrestling. By 2009, Mark had moved to helping former Memphis Wrestlers release their own autobiographies. In 2012 Mark had moved out beyond the limits of Memphis Wrestling and started doing books on other wrestling territories, including the Mid-Atlantic (Jim Crockett Promotions), Houston, Atlanta, the Mid-West (AWA), Detroit, Florida and Louisville. Mark James’s 46 books, along with t-shirts, coffee mugs, posters, etc can be found at or at

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Comic Book Certification Service (CBCS)

The Dyersburg Comic Con welcomes the Comic Book Certification Service (CBCS) Facilitators from Crash Comics out of Paducah KY. to the Con. The facilitators will be on hand to witness Signings of Comics, Art Sketches, and remarks on your Comics etc. They can also send your prized Comic Books off for grading, and past signature certification. Make sure you bring your Comic Books that you need slabbed to the Dyersburg Comic Con, December 2nd from 9am to 5pm located at the Lannom Center 2000 Commerce Ave, Dyersburg Tennessee

Novel and Comic writer – Dan Jolley

The 2023 Dyersburg Comic and Pop Culture Con welcomes Novel and Comic writer Dan Jolley to the Con on December 2nd, 2023. The Dyersburg Comic and Pop Culture Con is located at 2000 Commerce Ave. Dyersburg TN.
Dan Jolley is an American novelist and comic book writer. His comics work includes DC Comics’ Firestorm and Graphic Universe’s Twisted Journeys, a series of interactive fiction or gamebooks in graphic novel form, and his novel work includes the young-adult science fiction espionage series Alex Unlimited along with his international best selling novel, The Gray Widow’s Walk, which is his first book in the Gray Widow trilogy that he publishes through Seventh Star Press.
Dan Jolley began his writing career in the early nineties. His limited series Obergeist was voted Best Horror Comic of 2001 by Wizard magazine, and his DC Comics project JSA: The Unholy Three received an Eisner Award nomination for Best Limited Series of 2003.
His other comics include Bloodhound, a series about an investigator following a super-powered serial killer in the DC Universe.[1]
May 2007 saw the debut of his first novel series, an original young-adult science fiction espionage story called Alex Unlimited, published by a joint venture of Tokyopop and HarperCollins.
He wrote many manga novels for the Warriors series by Erin Hunter, including The Lost Warrior,[2] Warrior’s Refuge, Warrior’s Return (the previous three all belonging to the Graystripe’s Adventure trilogy) The Rise of Scourge, Into the Woods, Escape from the Forest, Return to the Clans (the previous three all belonging to the Sasha and Tigerstar trilogy), Shattered Peace, A Clan in Need, The Heart of a Warrior (the previous three belonging to the Ravenpaw’s Path trilogy), The Rescue, Beyond the Code, After the Flood (the previous three belonging to the SkyClan and the Stranger trilogy), A Shadow in RiverClan, Winds of Change, Exile from ShadowClan, and A Thief in ThunderClan.[3]
He also wrote the teen novelization of the 2008 motion picture Iron Man.
Jolley was on the design team of Icarus Studios’ post-apocalyptic MMORPG, Fallen Earth. He writes for video games from Activision and Ubisoft.
Gray Widow’s War: The Gray Widow Trilogy Book 3, Falstaff Books, Charlotte, NC, October 2020
Gray Widow’s Web: The Gray Widow Trilogy Book 2, Falstaff Books, Charlotte, NC, October 2020
The Storm, Falstaff Books, Charlotte, NC, September 2020
Five Elements Book 3: The Crimson Serpent, HarperCollins, New York, April 2018
Five Elements Book 2: The Shadow City, HarperCollins, New York, July 2017
Five Elements Book 1: The Emerald Tablet, HarperCollins, New York, October 2016
Gray Widow’s Walk, Seventh Star Press, Lexington, May 2016
Transformers 2 Junior Novel (motion picture novelization), HarperCollins, New York, May 2009
Alex Unlimited Book 3: True Chemistry, Tokyopop/HarperCollins, New York, April 2008
Iron Man Teen Novelization (motion picture novelization), HarperCollins, New York, March 2008
Alex Unlimited Book 2: Split-Second Sight, Tokyopop/HarperCollins, New York, September 2007
Alex Unlimited Book 1: The Vosarak Code, Tokyopop/HarperCollins, New York, May 2007
Angel: Vengeance, Simon & Schuster, New York, August 2002 (co-written with Scott Ciencin)
Star Trek SCE: Some Assembly Required, Pocket Books, New York, January 2002 (co-written with Scott Ciencin)
Video games
Chronos (Oculus Rift), Gunfire Games, March 2016
Mafia 3 (Xbox One, PS4, PC), 2K Games/Hangar 13, 2016
Dying Light (Xbox One, PS4, PC), Warner Bros./Techland, January 2015
The Bureau: XCOM Declassified (Xbox 360, PS3, PC), 2K Games, August 2013
Transformers Prime: The Game (Wii, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS), Activision/Nowpro, October 2012
Transformers: Fall of Cybertron (Xbox 360, PS3, PC), Activision/High Moon Studios, August 2012
Prototype 2 (Xbox 360, PS3), Activision/Radical Entertainment, April 2012
Transformers: Dark of the Moon (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii), Activision/High Moon Studios/Behavior Interactive, July 2011
Transformers: War for Cybertron (Xbox 360, PS3, PC), Activision/High Moon Studios, June 2010
Transformers: Cybertron Adventures (Wii), Activision/Next Level Games, June 2010
James Cameron’s Avatar (Nintendo DS), Ubisoft Montreal, December 2009
Fallen Earth (PC), Icarus Studios, September 2009
Warriors: A Thief in ThunderClan, HarperCollins, June 2023
Warriors: Exile from ShadowClan, HarperCollins, June 2022
Warriors: Winds of Change, HarperCollins, June 2021
Warriors: A Shadow in RiverClan, HarperCollins, June 2020
LARP!, three 80-page graphic novels, Dark Horse Comics, Portland, May 2015
The Savage Sword of Robert E. Howard: The Maid of Winter’s Night, short story, Dark Horse Comics, Portland, July 2014
Terminator: Enemy of My Enemy, six-issue mini-series, Dark Horse Comics, Portland, February 2014
Eerie: Invulnerable, short story, Dark Horse Comics, Portland, February 2014
Bloodhound: Crowbar Medicine, five-issue mini-series, Dark Horse Comics, Portland, October 2013
Wrapped Up in You (My Boyfriend is a Monster #10), Lerner Books, Minneapolis, May 2012
Warriors: SkyClan and the Stranger: After the Flood, HarperCollins, April 2012
Warriors: SkyClan and the Stranger: Beyond the Code, HarperCollins, November 2011
Warriors: SkyClan and the Stranger: The Rescue, HarperCollins, July 2011
Warriors: Ravenpaw’s Path: The Heart of a Warrior, HarperCollins, Tokyopop, August 2010
Warriors: Ravenpaw’s Path: A Clan in Need, HarperCollins, Tokyopop, March 2010
Warriors: Ravenpaw’s Path: Shattered Peace, HarperCollins, Tokyopop, November 2009
My Boyfriend Bites (My Boyfriend is a Monster #3), Lerner Books, Minneapolis, July 2011
Warcraft: Death Knight, Tokyopop, Los Angeles, November 2009
Warcraft Legends: Bloodsail Buccaneer, short story, Tokyopop, Los Angeles, June 2009
Warriors: Return to the Clans, HarperCollins, Tokyopop, June 2009
Warcraft Legends: Crusader’s Blood, short story, Tokyopop, Los Angeles, March 2009
Warriors: Escape from the Forest, HarperCollins, Tokyopop, December 2008
Warcraft Legends: Miles to Go, short story, Tokyopop, Los Angeles, November 2008
Warriors: Into the Woods, HarperCollins, Tokyopop, September 2008
Warcraft Legends: How to Win Friends, short story, Tokyopop, Los Angeles, August 2008
Warriors: The Rise of Scourge, HarperCollins, Tokyopop, June 2008
Warriors: Graystripe’s Adventure: Warrior’s Return, HarperCollins, Tokyopop, ISBN 0061252336, 2008
Warriors: Graystripe’ Adventure: Warrior’s Refuge, HarperCollins, Tokyopop, ISBN 006125231X, 2007
Warriors: Graystripe’s Adventure: The Lost Warrior, HarperCollins, Tokyopop, ISBN 0061240206, 2007
Angel: Choice Cuts, one issue in five-issue mini-series, IDW Studios, San Diego, 2006
Hell, Michigan, four-issue mini-series, FC9 Publishing, Morristown, 2005
G.I. Joe Vs. The Transformers II, four-issue mini-series, Devil’s Due/Image Comics, Chicago, 2005
G.I. Joe Vs. The Transformers I, two issues in five-issue mini-series, Devil’s Due/Image Comics, Chicago, 2004
Bloodhound #1-10 (with Leonard Kirk), DC Comics, 2004–2005
Firestorm, DC Comics, 2004–2005
Micronauts, 3-issue mini-series, Devil’s Due, 2004
Vampirella: The Choir in the Mist, one issue, Harris Comics, New York, 2004
Metal Hurlant: Worship Service, short story, Humanoids Comics, Los Angeles, 2004
Voltron, Devil’s Due/Image Comics, Chicago, 2003-2004
G.I. Joe Frontline: Icebound, four-issue mini-series, Devil’s Due/Image Comics, Chicago, 2003
Micronauts, Devil’s Due/Image Comics, Chicago, 2003-2004
JSA: The Unholy Three, DC Comics, 2003
Superman Adventures, three issues, DC Comics, New York, 2002
Sabretooth: Mary Shelley Overdrive, 4-issue mini-series, Marvel Comics, 2002
Purgatori, Chaos! Comics, 2002-2012
Obergeist, Top Cow Productions, 2001–2002)
JLA: Gods and Monsters (with Josh Krach), DC Comics, 2001
Lazarus 5, DC Comics, 2000
JSA: The Liberty Files, DC Comics, 2000
Doctor Strange: The Flight of Bones, 4-issue mini-series, Marvel Knights, 1999
Aliens: Colonial Marines, two issues in ten-issue mini-series, Dark Horse Comics, Milwaukie, 1993
Universal Monsters: The Mummy, one-shot special, Dark Horse Comics, Milwaukie, 1992
Educational Comics
Twisted Journeys: Shipwrecked on Mad Island, Lerner Books, Minneapolis, August, 2009
Graphic Universe: Hero Twins: Against the Lords of Death (A Mayan Tale), Lerner Books, Minneapolis, March 2009
Graphic Universe: Guan Yu: Blood Brothers to the End (A Chinese Tale), Lerner Books, Minneapolis, March 2009
Twisted Journeys: Agent Mongoose & the Hypno-Beam Scheme, Lerner Books, Minneapolis, February 2009
Graphic Universe: Pigling: A Cinderella Story (A Korean Tale), Lerner Books, Minneapolis, November 2008
Twisted Journeys: Vampire Hunt, Lerner Books, Minneapolis, September 2008
Twisted Journeys: Alien Incident on Planet J, Lerner Books, Minneapolis, September 2008
Twisted Journeys: The Time Travel Trap, Lerner Books, Minneapolis, February 2008
Graphic Universe: The Smoking Mountain: The Story of Popocatepetl & Iztaccihuatl (An Aztec Tale), Lerner Books, Minneapolis, January 2008
Twisted Journeys: Escape From Pyramid X, Lerner Books, Minneapolis, July 2007
Graphic Universe: Odysseus: Escaping Poseidon’s Curse, Lerner Books, Minneapolis, June 2007

Comic Artist – Angel Medina

The Dyersburg Comic and Pop Culture Con welcomes our first guest, Comic artist Angel Medina to the Con set for December 2nd, 2023, located at the Lannom Center in Dyersburg Tennessee.

Medina began his career illustrating such titles as Berserker and Megaton at Megaton Comics. He subsequently worked for First Publishing, on such titles as Dreadstar and Hammer Of God in the late 1980s, before starting to work for Marvel Comics on The
Incredible Hulk, Warlock and the Infinity Watch, Blackwulf, Avengers, The Amazing Spider-Man, Marvel Knights Spider-Man and Venom: Dark Origin.
He then worked for Image Comics, illustrating Sam and Twitch, a spinoff of the title Spawn. Medina later illustrated Spawn itself, and Kiss: Psycho Circus, based on the rock music group Kiss. Angel is credited in 290 comics.

Become a vendor

Hey, everyone who’s interested in becoming a vendor at the Dyersburg Comic and Pop Culture Con, here is how I am running it this year. Thanks ahead of time, for your interest in making our Dyersburg Comic and Pop Culture Con a big success.