Larry Cathey – Artist

Dyersburg Comic Con 2022 Featured Artist Guest- Larry Cathey- The Dyersburg Comic Con is proud the have Comic Artist Larry Cathey at the Con. Mr. Cathey is the owner of HEYCAT Comics. Larry is an independent artist making his way in the world of Comic Book publication with his Owner created Mek Corps and David’s Story among others. Larry has a huge fan following around the area, as he was born right here in Dyersburg TN. Make sure you go by Larry’s Table and look at his great artwork and pick up a Comic Book or two. He’ll be glad to sign them for you.

Mark James – Author

The Dyersburg Comic Con 2022 welcomes Memphis Wrestling History Writer and Owner Mark James to the Con. Mark has written over 40 books about Memphis Wrestling, and other Territories. Make sure you make your way by Mark’s Table and Buy a book or two, and talk some wrestling with him. Mark also has Wrestling Event Posters and other items too

Jackson Bostwick – Actor/Producer

The Dyersburg Comic Con welcomes American Actor, Theatre Director and Film Producer Jackson Bostwick. He is best known for portraying Captain Marvel in the Shazam TV series, Jackson also Acted in Walt Disney films such as TRON and GUS with Don Knotts. Make sure you go by Mr. Bostwick’s table and get a Shazam Comic signed, an autographed 8×10 photo, or get your picture taken with actor Jackson Bostwick. Dyersburg Comic Con, Nov 5th from 9AM-5PM located at the Lannom Center on 2000 Commerce Ave.

Pro Wrestling Legend – Bobby Fulton

The Dyersburg Comic Con welcomes Professional Wrestling Legend, Bobby Fulton. Bobby has wrestled all over the world as one of the Fantastics with Tommy Rogers and later with his brother Jackie Fulton. Bobby has held Tag Team Gold all over the world and feuded with such legendary Tag Teams as The Mid-Night Express, The Sheepherders, and the Heavenly Bodies. Bobby wrestled in NWA, AWA, CWA Memphis, Smokey Mountain Wrestling, (Bill Watts) Mid-South Wrestling, (Von Erichs) World Class Championship Wrestling, and held Tag Team Gold in all of these territories. Bobby also held several Single Championships in his career. Bobby will be at the Dyersburg Comic Con on Saturday November 5th,2022 from 9AM-5PM located at the Lannom Center 2000 Commerce Ave, Dyersburg TN

Steven Butler – Artist

Butler’s work from inking and providing occasional cover duties for Cat and Mouse to superhero illustrations in the Original Silver Storm mini-series to publications such as Marvel Comics Web of Spiderman (Mr. Butler was the 1st artist to draw the popular Marvel Comics Character, The Scarlet Spider) and Silver Sable. The independent comic The Badger by First Comics served to launch his career, but his work at Silverline comic preceded The Badger. Mr. Butler is known for both for penciling the Archie Comics series, Sonic the Hedgehog as well as creating new designs for Archie characters in 2007. The first story to use the designs was “Bad Bay Trouble” which Butler also drew, and the second was “The Matchmakers” which was drawn by Joe Staton. Make sure you go by and get a sketch or a Comic Book signed and talk to Mr. Butler. He’s a great guy.

Mr. Butler will be at the Dyersburg Comic Con on November 5th, 2022 from 9AM-5PM. Make your plans to be there.