Artist – Ricky Blalock

The Dyersburg Comic Con welcomes Monster Magazine Cover Artist and Horror Artist Ricky Blalock to the con. Ricky has over 30 years in the business and has some incredible artwork. Go by Ricky’s table and get a sketch or pick up a copy of Monster Magazine and get it signed.

Mark James

The Dyersburg Comic Con welcomes Memphis Wrestling History Writer and Owner Mark James to the Con. Mark has written over 40 books about Memphis Wrestling, and other Territories. Make sure you make your way by Mark’s Table and Buy a book or 3, and talk some wrestling with him. Mark also has Wrestling Event Posters and other items too.


WWE Hall of Famer – Koko B Ware

The Dyersburg Comic Con Welcomes WWE Hall of Famer Koko B Ware to the Con. Koko started his Wrestling career in Memphis TN. for Jarrett Promotions. After success in Memphis TN. and in other Southern Promotions the WWF/E called Koko. Koko became a regular Superstar for the WWE wrestling all over the world. Ware was known as the “Birdman” in the WWF. Koko came back to the Memphis area and Won the USWA World Heavyweight Championship two times, once defeating Kamala and once defeating Jerry “King” Lawler. Make sure you go by Koko’s Table and get a picture and autograph from the Birdman.

Costumer’s of Christ

The Dyersburg Comic Con welcomes the Costumer’s for Christ back to the Con. Costumer’s of Christ is a Non-Profit group that brings Jesus Christ to people through the world of Comics and Cosplay. Make sure you work your way by their table for a free comic book and get a picture made with some of your fav Superheroes.


The 2020 Dyersburg Comic Con welcomes back The Midsouth Garrison of the 501st Legion. Make sure you go by and check them out. They will be everywhere in the Con. Get a picture with the Bad Guys.


The Dyersburg Comic Con welcomes The Mandalorian Mercs to the Con. The Mercs are an LFL/Disney sanctioned club (sister club with the 501st Legion). They are a non-profit group. The will be setting up their Jail with proceeds going to a charity of the Con’s choice. So watch out and don’t get caught, it is a lot of fun. Make sure you check The Mandalorian Mercs out.


The 2020 Dyersburg Comic Con welcomes Martheus Wade to the Con. Martheus is an independent Comic Artist with several credits under his belt. Go by his table and pick up a new copy of Shinobi and get Martheus to sign it for you.


The Dyersburg Comic Con welcomes Writer Janet Wade to the Con. Janet is a fantastic writer and has worked on Turra: Gun Angel, Shinobi: Ninja Princess and many other Comic Books, Make sure you go by Janet’s Table and pick up some Comics and get them signed.. 

Artist – Bob Hall

Bob Hall began working in the Comics industry in 1974 and drew horror stories for Charlton Comics. He soon moved to Marvel Comics and drew The Champions and Super-Villain Team-Up. Hall and Chris Claremont collaborated on Marvel Team-Up 74 (Oct. 1978) which featured Spider-Man meeting the cast of NBC’s Saturday Night Live. Bob was also the Co-Creator of the popular Super Team The West Coast Avengers. Hall briefly worked as an editor for Marvel from 1978-1979 under Jim Shooter. Hall later joined Jim Shooter as a writer and penciler at Valiant Comics.

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